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WP Instant Minisite Download | Make WP Sales Pages, the Easy Way

by adminofAIY


WP Instant Minisite






I understood i would must construct my own alternative… the WP Instant Minisite plugin.

I had been toying using this as an easy method without effecting the appearance on a website to create direct sales fashion pages, and wouldn’t be effected by altering the website topic.

I mentioned the solution I got from every one and the notion to some huge names? “GO for this!” I took the challenge on, when I reemerged I understood I experienced a victor, and dove into my coding cavern for a week. Now, it is possible to put it to use also!

So, let us recap the options and the prices
Poor choiceCustom page template – $50 per layout and time lost when altering topics
Poor choiceDedicated sales subject – bling and $100 -less site pages
Poor choiceCustom WordPress topic – $ several weeks and 250 2500 development time(but it is so worthwhile!)
Or you could do choicestock own. :

FTP the files about,
Spend hours
Futzing installing (and reinstalling!) page templates.

You could build a plugin in this way.

All the bits are out there online. It just took me a week to set everything together. Oh, and a half and the decade of programming expertise to learn what bits to put together.
But you could do the decade own. (But it guess.

(less than 8:28″ if you have got a WP website now).

Recall: it is a PLUGIN!
Therefore it is working with ALL subjects!

Picture how creative you will believe when you go from thought to analyze website within an day. And, obviously, there’s the speed to market edge that’ll have you making money that much earlier. Forget about stressing over HTML, FTP, and those capital letters that are other – only


You are DONE!




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