Steven Dux - Trading Techniques Download

Steven Dux – Trading Techniques Download

by adminofAIY


Steven Dux – Trading Techniques





Find out how Steven Dux switched $27k into $1.3 Million in only twelve months

Are you currently new to everything about buying and selling and also understand how to get began?

Are you currently already somewhat experienced but want to bring your buying and selling one stage further?

Would you like to learn how I could redesign $a million of profits in a single short year?

In only 10 hrs become familiar with:

Market Basics

The stock exchange basics from the-Z that you may require began


The psychology of buying and selling

Lengthy and short side buying and selling

The main difference between lengthy and short side buying and selling and how to capitalize of both positions

Risk Management Strategies

The various risk management ways of construct your account continuously

Statistics Database

Building your personal statistics database and employ it to benefit from any buying and selling method

My top Buying and selling Strategies

And more importantly: My top 8 buying and selling techniques for today’s Cent Stock Exchange


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