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– Bunches of the weblog posts and publications around SEO focus on the technical aspects. The dilemma is: 90% of your ranking isn’t determined by the specialized aspects but by your content and how you’ve optimized that. This book on Content SEO informs you all you should know about composing and optimizing your text.
– Next to deep explanations to alter the way you think about your articles, the novel also has lots of practical tips which you can execute straight away.
– Whether it is how to do keyword research, how to structure your website or how you can write that bit of content that people will desire to link to, this guide covers everything.

About this book

We felt we were missing one-piece of the SEO puzzle too much, after we released our first eBook. Content Search Engine Optimization has ever been at the center of what we do while a lot of the blog posts we write about SEO here are specialized. We simply never told that tale well. Now, Joost & Marieke sat down to make it one large, ordered story on the best way to properly optimize your content. As therefore much of the content we see on sites is so dreadful to read while creating that we felt the must also include a basic intro to copywriting.

That’s why the publication drops intro three-section:

1 Keyword Strategy
Containing the best way to do keyword research, what the purpose of long tail keywords really is and the way you can have both a long-term key word strategy and nonetheless do ad hoc keyword study.

2. Site Structure
Explains the importance of a good site construction and the way to position your most critical pieces of content related to your long tail pieces. Additionally gives on the best way to improve your total website structure on an existing website, several fast triumphs.

3. Content Creating
Explains the way to write well organized, premium quality copy which has a definite target. This area also contains a chapter particular to people using how to integrate the comments into your creating from your SEO plugin, our WordPress SEO plug in.

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