Download Ugurus – More Deals High Prices

Download Ugurus – More Deals High Prices

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Ugurus – More Deals High Prices







This class solves those hurting by giving you a step-by-action, start to end, blueprint to create a successful internet practice. Jonathan and Brent stroll you through walk you through a mock sales deal to show you what an opportunity might seem like, educate you a proven marketing method, and how to establish a winning marketing strategy.

Jon and Brent create a “roleplay” environment that gives you precise language that one can use to obtain additional clients that pay higher charges. The Gurus give a procedure that if mastered will pay dividends for a long time to you.

Getting Started Has Never Been Simpler

Along with over 4 hours of educational material, Jon and Brent are handing over 23 source files to assist you do this strategy without thinking. These templates are genuine business documents used in Jon’s company and worksheets that will help you carry out this effort.

Besides merely handing over all of this great learning content, Brent and Jon are both open to provide guidance to all Gurus taking the class through remark interactions.

Class Features

58 HD video lessons with anytime, anyplace access
2 3 Downloadable, printable resources
Over 4 hours of education
Specialist replies in our virtual classroom

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