Download STM – The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge

Download STM – The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge

by adminofAIY

STM – The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge

STM – The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge







Did we not say that 2015 was going to be a fantastic year for us?

We’ve STM London… The Angle… and now this! Let us start 2015 away with a bang.

I’d prefer to officially declare that in 2015 we will soon be offering an Affiliate Command Challenge course.

This programme will be long 6 weeks and cover everything from core marketing theories to the basic principles of practical as well as tracking endeavors. It is directed at those who are reasonably new to the AM scene and want to significantly accelerate their core instruction. We will assist you to demystify the brain-numbing challenges this industry throws at you.

Should you believe the STM newsgroup is amazing, this 6 Week Affiliate Command Challenge will probably be entirely remarkable for you and will draw on a few of our most outstanding content – crunch, wedge and blend it, then beams into your now watering eyes.

It is going to be chiefly video-based with prerecorded video in addition to weekly live sessions. All in ultra-quality High Definition of course.

We’ll have a superstar cast of presenters including Mr Green, BBrock32, Stackman, and of course yours truly. There might be a few other sector-leading presenters nearer the conclusion of the course but I will not disclose their identities only yet…

For those of you who favor visual/video-based instruction and who are actually ambitious to make this work, this magnificent offering will be your best investment of the year. But Zeno, the year’s only just began! ERRONEOUS! 2015 is over. This is the year of STM

you are able to get the 6 Week Affiliate Command Challenge to over-deliver in your expectations.

To be clear, the 6 Week Affiliate Command Challenge is a wholly independent offering to the STM forum and as such WOn’t require you to be a member but will have it’s own price tag.

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