Download SEN – SEO Masterclass 2.0

Download SEN – SEO Masterclass 2.0

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SEN – SEO Masterclass 2.0






The SEO Masters Certification Training Course

Available now for self-study at your own pace in your own comfort zone

This Certification Class WILL make YOU money!

I know, daring claim. But it’s true and we can guarantee it!! … read on, and you’ll see why we are so positive.

Like no other training we’ve done, this really is the class where our pros peel back the curtain, get you from the hand, and actually *reveal* you how they boost their bottom line and grow their customer base by providing a program of really special SEO Agency Services that are…

Rewarding on the front end
and provide continuous streams of sales on the rear end.

Sit up and take notes my friend, because this is the training that’ll provide you with the very best ROI for 2015!

Here’s what you’ll find out how to do…
The Website Audit

(for which we charge customers $1,250)

The Search Engine Optimization Expert’s Class shows you especially what we do in a Website Audit. From the SEO Agency perspective, it is just among client and our best money making prospecting tools. When we find a firm we need as a customer, we use the Website Audit as the carrot ensure the appointment and to attract their interest. This often leads into a continuing relationship with recurring maintenance fees that offer a constant flow of steady income.

The Master’s course runs on the demo site to take you all the way through every tiny detail of the procedure, leaving no stone unturned. As they generally unfold, you will see processes and our measures. You’ll be equipped to shut the clients you select, you’ll be able to get rather than trolling for just anybody once you have finished this section of the Masters Course.

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