Download Scot Kenkel – Expired Listing ToolKit

Download Scot Kenkel – Expired Listing ToolKit

by adminofAIY


Scot Kenkel – Expired Listing ToolKit







Expired Listing Tool-Kit
# 1. The Consecutive Marketing Letters…5 nicely written letters delivered over a 19 day period that’ll CONVINCE prospects that you are the PROPER BROKER for them!!

#2. The YELLOW DROP OFF…one of the most successful (and least expensive) marketing pieces you’ll ever use — especially if you’re truly interested in getting your phone to RING off the HOOK!!

#3. The Broker Cost Comparison Worksheet…the best (AND ONLY) method to objectively ESTABLISH to your SELLER THAT YOU’RE the best option for them – even if you CHARGE a greater fee than someone else!!

#4. The Marketability Score Card…the BEST Value-Added, One of a Kind, Customizable Report that will have your Prospects practically BEGGING to MEET alongside you!!

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