Download Puttylike – Productivity for Multipotentialites

Download Puttylike – Productivity for Multipotentialites

by adminofAIY


Puttylike – Productivity for Multipotentialites






This Class is for You If:

You begin working on one job, only then change your focus and to get excited by a brand new, brilliant thought, always feeling like you are never achieving anything.
You battle with prioritizing your jobs, juggling them, and balancing the long term together with the short-term targets.
You lose interest in your jobs long before they are finished.
you’ve difficulty fitting your endeavors in among all of your “real life” duties, like family or work.
You find it hard to motivate yourself to do the task, and find that having the notions and visualizing them is far more interesting than actually following through.
You’re monumentally disorganized and also have unfinished jobs blanketed across your desk/bedroom floor.
You possess a hard time telling the dissimilarity between fleeting fixation along with a long-term one, and end up spending lots of money and time, only to immediately become bored.
You want to do everything now, and find yourself completing nothing.
You feel paralyzed and overwhelmed by everything in your plate.

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