Melonie Dodaro – Cracking The LinkedIn Code 2.0

Download Melonie Dodaro – Cracking The LinkedIn Code 2.0

by adminofAIY


Melonie Dodaro – Cracking The LinkedIn Code 2.0







Imagine Finding a Continuous Stream of New Prospects for One To Follow Up with Every Single Day and Logging Into Your LinkedIn Account!

That is what happened in my experience after I finally found the true power of social networking. Selling that is social. and notably societal selling leveraging the enormous database on LinkedIn.

I struggled to find out the proper sales and marketing approaches to bring more leads, customers and prospects before learning the secrets to using my business to grow.

If you are like me, you understand exactly how frustrating that can be.

But I dug-in and learned everything I could about how you can utilize LinkedIn to efficiently grow – and HANDLE – my stream, my business changed.

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