Download Local Marketer Summit 2014

Download Local Marketer Summit 2014

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Local Marketer Summit 2014






Local Summit is back with a robust schedule of matters to grow you, more networking, along with new speakers along with your company in 2014 and beyond!

The Local Advertising Consulting Industry continues to quickly grow and mature, bringing new opportunities to those prepared and willing to understand and perform, and new dangers to the ones that sit on the sidelines!

The organizing team for Local Peak 2014 is 110% committed to making this occasion THE PLACE – the ONLY location! – To make sure that you’re up to speed having the most important changes that are impacting our business, and arm you for struggle with all the best strategies to capitalize on those changes.

That is the reason why we are happy to announce the topic of the year’s agenda is ???X-Ray Vision???.

It???s our aim to offer superhuman exposure to the most successful local advertising services, so we have gone out of our method to create an agenda packed with real world cases of achievement in our industry!

This year’s event will feature much more real world lessons from bureau owners just like you that are in the trenches every day – and winning!

All these AREN’T just exactly the same names and faces you’re used to seeing on the webinar circuit!

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