Download James Wedmore – Local Video Academy

Download James Wedmore – Local Video Academy

by adminofAIY


James Wedmore – Local Video Academy






Learn how one video marketer is making $15,000/mo selling videos to local companies. The best way to to draw customers that will pay $1,000 – $3,000 per video and how to finish outsource videos. Generate $200 – $500 every month for each video.

Module 1 – Getting the Client
* pricing strategies that work
* goldmine advertising to target
* strategies to get your foot in any door
* getting the yes.

Module 2 – Executing Orders
* business logistics
* creating the video
* the best way to rate videos

Module 3 – Expand and Scaling
* how to put money into your company
* outsource your videos
* create automated funnels

* getting results with Youtube advertising
* getting results with Facebook ads

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