Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar DVD set

Download Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar DVD set

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Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar DVD set







Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Loudspeaker & Presenter Seminar

Here are just a few of the hypnotic speaker and presenter strategies you will see educated and demonstrated throughout the 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO COACHING & COACHING PROGRAM:

The way to go from painfully shy into a confident stage presence by keeping the “T+ State.”

How to present your content using “training cycles” to keep your crowd engaged.

How to make a “idea matrix” and the best way to give an enriching experience to your audiences’ unconscious thoughts.
How to set your speech or demonstration together for maximum consequences.

The best way to employ a mental principle (known only to several high level neuro scientists and experienced hypnotic-presenters) that “tunes people into your presentation” in such a way that they will eagerly desire to cover to see you speak repeatedly. BEFORE you’ve even provided your first demonstration.

The “group control” secret that enables one to speak in front of a rowdy band of know it all’s – use this secret to command large groups of individuals with plenty of big egos (like high-level executives) to the extent that they “police” the audience for you.

How to “sync” your presentation construction and delivery style with all the UNCONSCIOUS MIND minds of any team. Do each individual man in the group and this will make the decision to follow and succeed with your thoughts. BEFORE you supply the true content of your demo.

The simple “head switch” to evaporating your stage fright and performance anxiety permanently. (Once you know this simple “mind switch” solution you will manage to walk out in the front of any intimidating band of individuals – no matter how big – and feel as comfy as though you had been meeting up together with your everyday friends).

How to bond together with your audience in this DEEP way that even should you fully lose your train of thought or make errors. they’ll adore you more and walk away more transformed and “on board” together with your message and thoughts than if you delivered a slick pitch-perfect presentation.

How you can get more psychological “buy in” from any crowd by staying completely QUIET in front of these.

The best way to naturally have a very mesmerising “hypnotic voice” – a voice-cadence therefore trendy and engaging that each member of the audience feels as if you’re having a one-On One “best buddy type” conversation together. (Bill Clinton used this secret with devastating result in a TV debate to snatch the presidency from George Bush Senior).

How to NEVER run out of engaging, witty and humorous things to say in a demonstration – and do so even if you don’t have any pre-prepared address and you’re thrown onstage to do a “make-or-break” demonstration 2 minu

And Much More….

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