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Graphic Sling presents : Entrepreneur Vector Graphics







Dear Friend,

In case you are selling or advertising anything on the web, then you know that you require eye-catching, attention-grabbing images for the goods and advertising stuff. Sadly, employing a designer to make custom images for you personally can not be cheap, as well as the cost can easily add up if you’ve many things to sell.

So folks get their images from Google Image or alternative people’s sites – usually without their authorization.

Uh oh, be cautious on that!

I am referring to copyright infringement fines. For instance, in 2007 several marketers were sued for utilizing so-called ‘royalty free’ images as soon as they purchased a group of 1,600 such images from the chief seller… who ironically did not understand any better and believed it was acceptable to compile these images from Google and other sites!

Don’t think this won’t occur to you. Simply do a fast Google lookup on “copyright infringement inventory photo” and also the list is ENDLESS. It’s unsurprising because you will find companies that hire employees whose fulltime occupation is to track down these offenders – intentional or maybe not – and boy, accumulating fines is big-business!

Sure, stock photo websites can try. But detect these days the prices are getting higher? The bigger the resolution, the more you must pay.

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