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GO Pro Recruiting Mastery 2014







Go Master Recruiting Command has become THE annual event for people in our Sector to boost their skills and prepare to make the next 1-2 months the very best of their lives. This season is no exception. In fact, the event will certainly be sold out having a capacity of about 8,000 people which will make it the biggest event of its sort in Network-Marketing history.!

Over 100 million dollar a year earners and more than 1 1,000 six figure a year earners will be in attendance. Additionally, over 500 business executives will participate in an effort to achieve insight about what the most effective industry leaders are performing to create such amazing effects. It is actually a who’s who of Network Marketing success.

Since this really is our fifth annual event, we’ve worked on getting better every year. Our event had around 200 individuals. Our 2nd had 400. Our third had around 800 and last year’s event hosted about 4,000 This year we got the biggest room we could locate at the Mirage Resort & Convention center and we will work hard to squeeze a maximum of 8,000 people into the room.!

Most of the people who attended last year purchased as tickets for this event as they could, so as a result we just have remaining . tickets about 1,600 They are planning to go quickly so you don’t have your ticket however and in case you anticipate attending, you’ve to act FAST!

You will love a total of 2-4 full hours of world class studying on the course of four days. I guarantee you, this is the value filled function held in our Career.

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