Download FB Ads Course Worth 97$ | Learn The Way To Make Money From Facebook Ads

Download FB Ads Course Worth 97$ | Learn The Way To Make Money From Facebook Ads

by adminofAIY


Socialmouths FB Ads Course






What Does Facebook Ads Mean?

The reason why you have to learn Facebook advertising

For many people, the experience with Facebook marketing goes a little like this:

They have never created a campaign.

Most people believe advertisements don’t work or they think it’s a scam.

They’ve improved a couple of posts with quite limited possibilities.

Most people didn’t know how to reach the appropriate audience for their effort.

Truth is Facebook ads not only work, they’re the best way of attracting new highly targeted prospects, turn them into paying customers and increase revenue from existing ones.

In this class, you will learn to research and target the right audience for every campaign, how you can use Power Editor to generate successful advertisements, the tools that are available along with the appropriate metrics to quantify success.

What is inside the course?

Module 1: Learning about your target prospect and your Fanbase

Why a Facebook Page is essential

Understandings to understand your present Fan base

Graph Search to learn about your Fan base and prospects

How to steal Lovers and customers from your competitors

You’ll get lifetime access to 37 video lessons you’ll be able to take at your own personal pace (no drip content) and access as well as other members in our private community.

3 Ad tools and why you have to use Power Editor

The way to get and install Power Editor

Anatomy of Power Editor

Just how to produce a Campaign

The best way to make an Ad Set

How you can make an Advertising




How Bidding works

Places that are unpublished

Conversion Tracking

URL Tracking

Module 4: How to design your advertisements

Advertisement measurements

Design toolbox

Module 5: Targeting the right audience

Custome Audiences

Lookalike Audiences


Facebook Groups

Associate Categories

Facebook Advertise

Saved Target Groups

Module 6: Ad Reports

Ad Reports

Customizing Ad Reports

Breaking down Advertisement Reports

Export Ad Reports


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