Download Distilled – SearchLove Boston 2014 Conference

Download Distilled – SearchLove Boston 2014 Conference

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Distilled – SearchLove Boston 2014 Conference






Aaron Weyenberg – Listening & Learning: A Narrative of a Redesign

There is an old African proverb that says “If you need to go fast, go alone. In the event you would like to go far, go together.” In this session, Aaron will share this maxim helps worth propagating direct TED’s product determinations in service of notions. You will hear about the redesign of TED and the way that its user community is involved by it – from research to agile deployment – to advise product development.

Adam Melson – Listening to Your Own Customers’ Wants to Realize their Needs

Really and listening to the voice of your customers in as many ways as possible getting to know them is crucial to driving success. You’re easing the requirement for them to go out and find it elsewhere while providing a much more meaningful and engaging experience by giving customers what they vocally want and the things they’re looking for. As a fly on the wall, you’ll have the capacity to fully absorb their needs and learn the best way to fulfill them with content that is linkable, shareable and rewarding to the engines.

All Speakers – Let’s Get Real

One rule: no tweeting whilst you hear all of our speakers give-up one magnificent tip. The single way to see what is shared is to be there.

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