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Distilled – SearchLove Boston 2014 Conference







Aaron Weyenberg – Listening & Learning: An Account of a Redesign

There’s an old African proverb that states “If you wish to go-fast, go alone. Should you prefer to go far, go together.” In this session, Aaron will share how this maxim helps worth spreading direct TED’s merchandise decisions in service of ideas. You’ll hear about the redesign of TED and the way its user community is involved by it – from investigation to deployment – to inform product development.

Adam Melson – Listening to Your Customers’ Wants to Realize their Needs

Truly and listening in as many ways as possible getting to know them is essential to driving success. By offering customers the things they’re seeking and what they need, you’re facilitating the need for them to head out and locate it elsewhere while supplying a much more purposeful and engaging encounter. As a fly on the wall, you’ll have the ability to completely absorb their demands and find out how you can fulfill them with content that’s rewarding, linkable and shareable to the engines.

All Speakers – Let’s Get Real

One rule: no tweeting whilst you hear all our speakers give-up one awesome suggestion. The only method to determine what is shared is to be there.

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