Download DealFlowPro – Painless Prospecting for Entrepreneurs

Download DealFlowPro – Painless Prospecting for Entrepreneurs

by adminofAIY


DealFlowPro – Painless Prospecting for Entrepreneurs







Most entrepreneurs FEAR the sales process. Through no fault of your own, thinking of pitching your business on the spot to complete strangers day-to-day cold calling, delivering suggestions and fighting customer objections can be terrifying and gut wrenching.

But… It does not have to be that manner.

We all know that to build our businesses, we MUST make sales. And if sales must be made by us, we have to hire someone to get it done or roll up our sleeves to do it ourselves. But:

What in case you were able to reduce the pain and time associated with early phase sales prospecting right into a routine, semi-automated, research-based procedure that generates warm, competent prospective customer phone calls regularly?
What if you can remove the guesswork and the feast or famine mindset that keeps us up all night as it pertains to paying our bills each month?
How much would you worth having a set of [free] technology tools which enable you to reach thousands of financially-able prospects minus the pain of cold calling and rejection?

Where DealFlowPro: Prospecting for Entrepreneurs, comes in that is.

I’m a career sales professional with expertise working for just one of America’s fastest growing enterprise backed firms on Wall Street and B2B Technology sales. I share with you the tools I use to create tons of purposeful dialogues and proposals in my businesses with prospective customers using a technology anchor that is almost free that most companies pay thousands of dollars for each month.

If you intend to choose the pain from prospecting produce warm, qualified leads for the company or company, check out DealFlowPro today.

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