Download Dave Kaminski – WordPress Secrets for Marketers

Download Dave Kaminski – WordPress Secrets for Marketers

by adminofAIY


Dave Kaminski – WordPress Secrets for Marketers






If You Are Using WordPress To Run Your Web Site
(or plan to) You Must Read This…

75 million web sites use WordPress. 22% of all domain names registered in the USA use WordPress. Top sites like The New York Times, TechCrunch and Best Buy run on WordPress. The popularity of WordPress is not challenging to understand…it’s free, simple to use and just about any kind of company could be run using WordPress..

But with this particular popularity come some aggravations. As an example, websites using WordPress habitually come under Malware and Brute Force attacks. Not even the little guys are immune… I know, it’s happened if you ask me. In fact WordPress sites get targeted so much, that WordPress released 20 updates in 2014 alone to their own applications.

And in case you do any form of Internet Marketing, you’ve another group of concerns along with that. Mostly, what stuff you should use with WordPress to make your sales pages, blog or landing pages appear and work the way you want. The stuff you need to sell things, get paid and keep your digital products safe. Everything you need to use for list building, Search Engine Optimization and much more. There is always a ton of hype surrounding this things…and a WordPress merchandise will seem so great…but when you go to put it to use, you generally wind up disappointed and with even more difficulties.

That is the reason why I chose to produce a new course called “WordPress Secrets for Marketers”. The reality is it doesn’t really feature “secrets”, so to speak. Rather it gives you…

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