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Dave Kaminski – Video SEO Made Easy







No large sales pitch here. We all know that video is huge and youtube.com is the Number 2 search engine behind Google. It is also no secret that positions and video videos are loved by Google higher than normal web-pages in search results.

Google and YouTube have also gotten really nice and very aggressive at knocking people out who attempt to “game” their system. Entire web websites can disappear from Google in a day. Youtube.com videos can drop in the top of the results. And individuals wind up frustrated, in disbelief, cursing Google and YouTube…and then go looking for another gimmick to give them instant video wealth.

Here’s the reason why this is good news for you. How many those who actually understand the best way to do video Search Engine Optimization the right way is tiny. Extremely miniature. When you know the best way to get it done the proper way that signifies, you will get results that are excellent quite easily. In fact…

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