Download Dani Johnson – Prospecting & Closing Class

Download Dani Johnson – Prospecting & Closing Class

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Dani Johnson – Prospecting & Closing Class







Without question… the number one biggest key to attaining a high level of success is working personally with someone who’s already done what you need to achieve. Coaching and mentoring is absolutely the most valuable, learning that is priceless opportunity anyone can have in their own life. Lack of it, is without question the greatest reason for failure, business, in just about any sector or pursuit of succeeding in life.

Spend 4 weeks being coached by an RECRUITING master! If you are seeking to increase your recruiting skills to levels that are astounding and you wish to have a dramatic and exponential increase of signup ‘s into your business, then this might be the chance for you!

Benefits You’ll Receive in the 4 Week Session:
– those people who are accepted into this group will experience substantial increases in confidence levels while prospecting both in person as well as on the telephone.
– You along with your team (those who hear about that class and enroll quickly) will find out the way to create a rapport, command a dialog, master situational prospecting, telephone prospecting and much more
– This class increase your rapport building, relationship marketing and private sales skills regardless of what sector, company or profession you’re involved in.
– Master the craft of finding a need and filling it. Understand the best way to ask the crucial questions that identify another individuals needs, wants, strengths, goals and desires.
– Learn the best way to guide them into your product or opportunity and learn how NOT to sell
– This is the opportunity to be mentored and coached by somebody with a documented track record of producing 6 and 7 figure earners and raising up leadership in the house business networking industry.
– Another IMPORTANT benefit of the group coaching notion, besides the savings you would be spending for 1 on 1 training with Dani… you’ll reach take advantage of the breakthroughs of the other attendees too. Think about it as a synergistic or multiplied learning experience.
– Classes are limited in size because Dani needs to ensure that each individual who registers for the category gets some personal coaching along with her. Types will be fully interactive, you’ll be able to ask inquiries and role play directly with Dani.

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