Download Dandrew Media – LinkedIn Leaders

Download Dandrew Media – LinkedIn Leaders

by adminofAIY


Dandrew Media – LinkedIn Leaders






We have got you covered when it comes to sourcing deals.
LinkedIn Leaders is a classic business development strategy
which will bring you unbelievable success for years to come.
you’ll never again need to convey,
“If only I knew an investor who could fund this deal!”

As always, Dandrew Media’s Commercial Real Estate Educational System offers you the tools you have to employ our highly sought after loan and lending models. Within our Business Management Series, we are offering Intermediaries with LinkedIn Leaders, a successful and aggressive deal sourcing marketing technique that has proven through the years to reach exemplary results. Our research suggests that LinkedIn is hands down the most effective path to achieve today the investors who are financing deals. Having a staggering 55% of loans receiving a term sheet or making it to the closing table, it’s essential that you practice this strategy and use LinkedIn.

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