Download Dan Kennedy – Sales Mastery Unleashed

Download Dan Kennedy – Sales Mastery Unleashed

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Dan Kennedy – Sales Mastery Unleashed






Sales Command Unleashed is a 4 -Hour Livecast where I sat down with GKIC Chief Marketing Officer Dave Dee and was grilled on my 40 years of Testing, Tweaking and Perfecting my System for Closing More Sales in ANY One on One Sales Situation.

Here is what is going to be a part of my order now for “Sales Mastery UNLEASHED The No B.S. System For Close Sales Like Crazy”:

– 4 DVDs, 4 CDs, and an Easy-to-Follow Printed Guide of Dan’s, Nick’s, and Dave’s ENTIRE Demonstration… Plus this Manual comprises Lots of Examples, Upselling Strategies, Proven, Able To Use Sales Scripts For Overcoming Objections, Plus Much More! (Just These Scripts Alone Are Worth The Cost Of The Complete System.)
And That Is Not All – I’ll Also Receive Two Fast Action Bonuses:

– FAST ACTION Bonus #1 (worth 7) We???ve Officially Unlocked “Dan Kennedy’s Vault” And Are Re-Releasing Among His Small Understand Classic Sales Classes Called “19 Secrets Of Extraordinary Selling.” It consists of 3 CDs where Dan reveals more of his Insiders Sales Secrets. This Class Delves Deeper Into Dan’s Quite Different Way Of Selling That Preempts Objections, Removes Price Opposition, Creates Consultative Placement, And Utilizes ‘Takeaway Selling’. And The Best Part Is You Will Discover Why And How Exactly To Use Established Selling Formulas That’ll Accelerate Your Success… And Put In Your Pocket.

– FAST ACTION Bonus #2 (worth 7)
By Investing TODAY, I Will Get Entry To A One Time Only LIVE ADVANCED Bonus Call With GKIC’s Director of Sales Nick Loise & Dave Dee… During This Live Training Call Nick and Dave Will Show How To Condition Your Mind For Maximum Income Success… The Secret System For Eliminating Buyer’s Remorse… And Much More Besides.

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