Download Bradley Long & Josh Hutchinson – Shoptimized

Download Bradley Long & Josh Hutchinson – Shoptimized

by adminofAIY


Bradley Long & Josh Hutchinson – Shoptimized







How I produced a $25,000 per month revenue flow from a straightforward small shop without inventory or staff…
… and THE WAY YOU CAN start and gain from your own “Shoptimized” store in 30-days or less
To all beginners, Teespringers, drop shippers, fighting affiliates, overworked merchandise creators… or anyone else who desires to make big bucks with AN EASY company they are able to be proud of:
On this site, I’m showing…

How I developed a $25,000 monthly e-commerce web site, without any inventory or personnel
The real secret behind a successful store (tip – it is maybe not what you sell, but how you market it)
How to avert thousands of unnecessary prices, bypass weeks of work and set up a high converting shop in times, perhaps not months…

It took me years of pain and maxed-out credit cards
to uncover the truth…

Blogging, product creation, affiliate marketing online, consulting and coaching is not simple.
Perhaps Not even near.

I’m not saying these are “awful” business models, but the facts is…
Marketing physical products to a keen crowd
is simple pickings!

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