Download Brad Campbell – Job Killers

Download Brad Campbell – Job Killers

by adminofAIY


Brad Campbell – Job Killers






Hi, I’m Brad. Tickled PINK you stopped by.

Lemme estimate.

You’ve got a job. It blows. And you are prepared to kill it before it kills you. Amiright?

We are able to assist.

Like two sick, veteran serial killers, my felon buddy Dan and I’ve become known as the go-to hitmen for deserving men (and dudettes) who wanna “off” their day job in exchange to get a no-rules internet business.

Question is: are you accomplice substance?

Is your life worth fighting for? And are you currently ready to get up off your bum and take action about it?

‘Cause time is leaking during your outstretched fingers, dripping unapologetically onto your baby blue Nike’s, begging one to make a move.

SCREW what society – or even that lil’ whiny voice in your head – says.

Let everyone carbon copy the status quo. You? Should strangle it.

Freedom is not a fairy tale. It is a selection.

Job Killers say, “Hell yes!” and actually mean it.

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