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Brad Campbell – Job Killers






Hi, I’m Brad. Tickled PINK you stopped by.

Lemme guess.

You’ve got a career. It blows. And you’re ready to eliminate it before it kills you. Amiright?

We are able to assist.

Like two ill, seasoned serial killers, my felon buddy Dan and I have become known as the goto hit-men for deserving guys (and dudettes) who wanna “off” their daytime job in exchange to get a no-rules web company.

Question is: are you accomplice substance?

Is your life worth fighting for? And are you currently prepared to get-up off your ass and do something about it?

‘Cause time is leaking throughout your out-stretched fingers, dripping onto your baby blue Nike’s, begging you to make a transfer.

TWIST what culture – or even that lil’ voice in your head – claims.

Let everyone carbon copy the status quo. You? Should strangle it.

Liberty isn’t a mythic. It’s a decision.

Occupation Killers say, “Hell yes!” and actually mean it.

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