Download 4-Week Jump-Start Coaching Program by Ryan Lee

Download 4-Week Jump-Start Coaching Program by Ryan Lee

by adminofAIY


4-Week Jump-Start Coaching Program by Ryan Lee






So here’s the deal…

For the New Year, I am doing something unheard of.

I’m doing a LIVE, online group training application for all of January. It is called the 2015 Jumpstart application.

Every week, for 4 weeks, we’ll get on to get a LIVE group coaching session. I will be coaching, instructing and answering questions – all designed that will help you reach your financial goals.

I’ll also bring on some very special guest specialists, to give you the latest techniques for income generation (list-building, publishing, podcasting, etc. ).
This is the EXACT sort of application I Have offered in the past.. and charged up to $5,000.00 PER PERSON to attend.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned, I genuinely desire to help folks who really need the it.

To help you now attend this whole 4-week LIVE training program (and get the video recordings as well) for a “Name Your Own Price”.

That’s right. Just tell me what you presume is a “reasonable” cost to attend this coaching program and you are in.

Your “I actually desire to join but can’t afford it” reasons are now officially over.

Collectively, raise the bar and we’re planning to alter things.

I cant wait to work with you. Click the “I Want This” button at the top right, then, “name your price” – and you are in! (the first course starts on January 2nd).

No catch. No “upsell” into something more expensive.

You get a $5,000.00 coaching program – with zero explanations.

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